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May Minutes

Barclay Public Library

Board of Trustees

May 18, 2015

Barclay Public Library Meeting Room

President Val Green called the meeting to order at 7:05. The oath of office was administered to Jean, Maria, Valerie and Laura. Laura left the meeting after taking the oath. Others present were Jenny, Rita and Kay.

There were no remarks from the public.

BILLS:  Motion by Jean, second by Maria to approve payment of the April bills. All aye

TREASURER'S REPORT:  filed for audit

SECRETARY'S MINUTES:  filed for audit


·        Paul Wells has built a new Little Free Library to replace the one in Warrensburg. We will eventually replace all of them.

·        There is trouble getting the internet to the Panasonic printer. Serenity Web Systems is looking into a reliable connection. The machine itself will need to be replaced soon and is budgeted for next year.

·        Crystal Keppler has resigned as a part-time/sub library clerk. Lacey will look into hiring a replacement or covering her hours with current staff.

·        We currently have orders for 20 engraved bricks.

·        According to our 2014 Tax Extension Report from Macon County, the library will lose $2,937 to the Warrensburg TIF District.

·        There is a new email address for the public to communicate with trustees, in accordance with a new law.

·        Summer Reading Clubs are ready. Kim will be meeting with all elementary classes at WLES and will do an assembly at Sangamon Valley East Elementary. The Scholastic Book Fair will again be held during sign-up.

·        All Backyard Theater movies are being sponsored this year.

·        The Village Festival is scheduled for August 20-23.


·        Motion by Jenny, second by Maria to retain the current officers:  President--Valerie Green, Vice-President--Rita Ham, Secretary--Kay Mason, Treasurer-Jean Munson. All aye

·        The Building and Grounds Committee reported on the walk-through earlier this evening.

Lacey will compile a prioritized list of jobs and get bids.

·       Motion by Rita, second by Maria to approve Ordinance FY 2015-16-1, and Ordinance Provided for the Creation and Maintenance of a Building Fund for the Barclay Public Library District. Roll call vote:  6-0 in favor.

·       Motion by Jean, second by Jenny to participate in the Non-Resident Card Program. All aye

·       The Personnel Committee will meet at 5:30 on June 15, 2015.

PERSONS OF THE MONTH:  Students from the WLHS Students Against Distracted Driving group were chosen as Persons of the Month for their help before the Book and Bake Sale. They are:  Marjory Coates, Erica Mooney, Breanna File, Samantha Allen, Justin Long, Rohit  Chandra, Paige Klein, Jessica Goeckner, and Jennifer Goeckner.


·        The Secretary of State's Office survived the first round of Gov. Rauner's budget cuts, but could be cut by 10% later.

·        The system will use reserve funds to completely fund the new fiscal year if state funds are not available.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00.

Kay Mason