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Genealogy and the Internet

The Internet is where you will do a great deal of your genealogical reseach, especially at the beginning, as more and more sources are being digitized and posted online. Here are just a few of the things you can do using this amazing resource:

  • Meet distant relatives and share family information
  • Learn about the countries and towns your ancestors hailed from
  • Find maps of and directions to important cemetaries, villages, etc.
  • Find the war records of your veteran ancestors
  • Order copies of records from various government agencies
  • Search collections and records not available locally

Here are a few tips on using the Internet safely and constructively:Click on the links below to start your searching:

Take a class
Barclay Library is currently not offering any Genealogy classes.  Watch this space for new class dates, or ask at the Service Desk for more information. Registration for classes is required.

Start with what you know

           Just like searching a paper collection, start with names and places you 

           know to be correct and go from there.

Remember, anyone can post anything on the Internet
Stick with government or other reputable sites that require users' names and locations before they can post information, that way you know what you're getting is accurate. The sites and databases you see on this website are known to be trustworthy.
Be careful what information you share and with whom
Most people you'll meet on the Internet are perfectly honest, but always be careful if their story doesn't sound right, or they ask you for very personal information. If you want them to mail something to you and you have a PO Box, use it instead of your house address.
Use Common Sense
If something you find online or someone you meet just doesn't feel right, go with that gut feeling. Use your best judgement and common sense and you'll be fine, just like in real life.

Click on the links below to start your searching: