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Maps and Geographical Searching

Knowing where your family came from is an important part of fmaily history. KNowing how to get to courthouses, cemetaries, and libraries is an important part of genealogical research.

To help you, here are some good sites for finding your way around.

Cemetery Location Project
This project, sponsored by the Illinois State Genealogical Society, is an effort to locate all the cemeteries in Illinois. Though not a comprehensive listing yet, it gives the status and location of hundreds of cemeteries, divided by county.
Geographic Names Information System
This government-run website is good for locating places in the United states, if you know them name. These places can be towns, natural features, or other landmarks.
Live Search
This search site gives you maps, arial photographs, and a combination of the two for all areas of the US. It's very handy if you want a picture of what you're looking for.
MapQuest is a free, searchable site where you can find maps and driving directs to anywhere in the US.
Other useful sites
Zip Code Search

Yellow Pages Online

White Pages Online

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