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World War II Scrapbook

During the Second World War, Pyrle Barclay kept a scrapbook of Decatur Herald clippings that featured local men and women who were in the armed forces. These clippings vary from notices of leave, station locations, wedding announcements, commendations, and notices of death or imprisonment. If you have a relative from this area who served during the war, there may be a record of them in the scrapbook.

Each clipping has been digitized and can be found on the Genealogy Computer in the "Genealogy" folder under "World War II Clippings". The folder is divided alphabetically: A-C, D-F, G-I, J-L, M-O,  P-R, S-U, and V-Z. Each clipping is its own file. You can print them, save them to your own floppy or flashdrive or e-mail them to yourself or someone else. Because the scrapbook is so fragile, we ask you to use these digital surrogates instead.

A partial index of names can be found here (this index is still being compiled). If you find the person you're searching for and they're listed with someone else, that means that they share the article with that other person and are under that person's name in the computer file.

For example: If you're looking for Jack McGary and find him listed as:

McGary, Jack; Carer, Wayne that means that the computer file you're looking for will be in the A-C folder listed as Carter, Wayne ; McGary, Jack.jpeg

an example from the World War II scrapbook
Image copyright Herald and Review Used by permission

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